People of the Alberta Hail Project

We've prepared an All-Time Staff List based on project annual reports.

During the preparation of the Alberta Hail Project Data Archive, we ran into many people who were involved in the Alberta Hail Project during its operation from 1957-1986. Everyone was interested in where their friends from the project had gone. This is an informal and incomplete list of Hail Project alumni who are currently available via electronic mail.

If you were associated with the project, and you'd like to be added to the list, please send the following information to

  1. name
  2. area of work in the project
  3. what years were you there?
  4. electronic mail address
  5. personal web page

If you know of other alumni online - please pass on the address of this page!

NOTE: The list on this page has been retired in favor of the All-Time Staff List, since it's more complete and much easier to keep up to date.

And thanks to Ford Bergwall for capturing so much of the Hail Project in the form of cartoons - any resemblance to alumni is purely intentional!

Most recent update: November 20, 2013
We welcome any comments on format, style, or structure of this list. Please mail to