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* Our Mission

InfoHarvest amplifies the value of your information and advances communication with your clients using the interactive technologies of the Internet.

* Benefits to You

InfoHarvest World Wide Web presentations enhance the power of your information by keeping it fresh and lively. Our regular enhancements of your pages hold your clients' interest. We build useful electronic links both within your pages and to other pages on the Web. Your clients will enjoy their frequent and repeat visits to your Web pages.

Our background in the agriculture and food industry enables us to add value to your information by constructing topical links to related Web sites. Such links give users easy and fast access to a wealth of material. This makes your pages a one-stop shop for relevant information.

Usage of the World Wide Web is unprecedented in Internet history. Businesses are using the Web to increase their visibility and to market their products and services. In today's global market place the Internet provides a level playing field for all businesses regardless of size or location. On the Internet InfoHarvest's storefront is next door to IBM's.

* Our Experience

Mark Johnson is the Chief Scientist of InfoHarvest Inc. He has been working with networked computers since 1969, specializing in the application of information technology to the natural sciences. Mark was part of the first graduating class from the Department of Computing Science at the University of Alberta. He worked with the Alberta Research Council, developing real-time and analysis software for the Alberta Hail Project, leading the ARC's Geographic Information Systems program, and designing and implementing a database of soils in Alberta. Mark is now applying his software development experience in providing Web pages based on databases.

* Some of Our Work

InfoHarvest provided web publishing, consulting, and training services to AARD when they launched Project Barley in June, 1995. We have also prepared on-line price lists, and databases.

Alberta Health needed an Extranet site to support communication with health professionals across the province. InfoHarvest provided several components, including a multi-user calendar system, a database for user information and authentication, and a web application for generating custom mailing lists.

The Alberta Centre for Active Living maintains a database of hundreds of links to online resources. InfoHarvest software helped maintain the links through online editing forms, automatic link checking, and both basic and advanced search functions.

InfoHarvest provided a web application to tie a graphical database and an Access database together in a data-driven information site on land variability issues. This site also supports an automated pop-up glossary and user-selectable data displays.

InfoHarvest Content Management (IHCM) technology can be used by our clients to maintain their web sites themselves using simple, web-based forms. A photo catalog that changes day-to-day is maintained by its owner at Friendly Acres Seed Farm, using IHCM technology to create pages, enter text, and upload pictures from any web browser. The software handles the generation of thumbnail images, formatting captions, and the linking of the pages.

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