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Viewable with any browser InfoHarvest supports the standards developed by the World Wide Web Consortium. We design and test your pages so they are readable by the widest possible audience, using either text-only or graphical browsers. We use features beyond the most widely adopted standard HTML (4.01) only if it is your decision and you have been informed of the implications.

* Our Services

  • creating your unique Internet presence either by converting your material or designing a new Internet image to your specifications
  • programming for database conversion or online database access to exploit your existing resources
  • constructing lively pages with relevant links within your pages and to other Web sites
  • designing and laying out pages with a professional graphic artist, including either small enhancements or complete design
  • providing custom Content Management tools so you can update your own pages through the Web
  • designing pages to reach the widest possible audience by following W3 Consortium Standards
  • testing your pages for HTML accuracy and conformance to standards
  • announcing and promoting your pages to relevant Web sites, newsgroups, and mailing lists
  • keeping your pages available to the Internet 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
  • maintaining and updating your pages to keep them fresh and enticing
  • compiling monthly statistics on page access and readership
  • designing clickable images and forms to enhance the interactivity of your pages
  • training individuals or groups in Web authoring

* Our Approach

We believe pages must exploit the full power of the Web. This means:
  • designing your pages so they can be read by the widest possible audience,
  • actively promoting your pages on the Web to keep them visible in the fast changing and growing Internet world
  • making your pages lively by constructing hyperlinks that tie your pages to topical information around the world.
This strategy adds value to your pages and ensures repeat visits of prospects.

Our fees include a charge for setting up and designing your pages plus a monthly fee for promoting and updating your Web site. The monthly fee is a function of the frequency and extent of updates to your site.

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